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Silk Beauty Exmouth provides Skin Peels with DermaQuest.

How skin peels can help rejuvenate your look.

Chemical skin peels are famously known for deeply exfoliating the dead skin cells allowing the skin to look brighter, even skin tone, reduce lines and wrinkles, soften scarring and smooth texture, while fresh new skin cells are regenerated and work their way to the surface of the skin, as well as working with specific ingredients to penetrate deeper into the skin achieving desired results.

As Science is constantly evolving skin resurfacers and peels are now less irritating to the skin and produce fantastic results. They are packed full of amazing active ingredients that get approximately 80%-90% absorption rate penetrating deep into the skin creating the results.

Skin peels now do not necessarily mean the will skin peel unlike a lot of old skin peel technology did.  However certain treatments and combinations will mean dry flaking and/or peeling skin is highly likely.

We use a wide range of different skin Resurfacers and peels, targeted to address the individual clients' skin concerns.

These range from a light 'party' resurfacer, for a quick lunch time pick me up, to deeper skin peels which will likely cause the skin to peel after a couple of days.

My skin resurfacers and skin peels are carefully selected to target each client's individual skin concern.

Cryotherapy in Exmouth
Cryotherapy in Exmouth

Skin Peel Prices

1x £65   3x £163   6x £325

Sweet Treatment
1x £75   3x £188   6x £375

Chemical Peel
1x £90   3x £225  6x £450

Combination and personalised packages are available on request.

Please contact me for more information and to book your treatment  - Contact Me

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Cryotherapy in Exmouth


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