Eve Taylor Prescription

Silk Beauty Exmouth specialise in Eve Taylor Prescription.

Eve Taylor Prescription

Eve Taylor Aromatherapy Facials

Express Prescriptive Facial – 30 Minutes - £28



Essential Prescriptive Facial – 45 Minutes - £30



Intensive Prescriptive Facial – 75 Minutes - £45



Boosting/Brightening, Pigmentation, Purifying or Aging/Firming



Nurturing Neck – Décolleté Treatment – 30 Minutes - £35



Our Treatments

Eve Taylor is the ORIGINAL aromatherapy skincare brand created for professional beauty therapists worldwide.


With expertly formulated synergistic essential oil blends at the heart of our formulations we believe the therapeutic effects of these natural botanical extracts allow the skin to reveal a radiant, healthy glow.


Eve Taylor started her business in 1963 by creating a range of aromatherapy treatment blends for the face and body to use alongside the specially developed application methods and techniques.


Considered one of the pioneers of aromatherapy Eve Taylor has devoted her entire career to the professional beauty industry.




I am a certified professional beauty technician for both men and women.


I use the best quality products available to ensure the kindest and most effective treatments, giving maximum customer comfort.




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Olivia Rogers Nail Academy, Ireland


Nail Systems International (UK)

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